Wetting, Penetrating, Dispersing, Foaming

Surface Tension Reducers

Dioctyl Sulfosuccinate is one of the best surface tension reducers on the market. It is used in many industrial applications for its excellent wetting, however it also is an excellent foamer and provides good foam stabilization. As a rule, DOSS surfactants are typically mild to the skin and offer very low eye irritation. When coupled with harsh surfactants, DOSS has shown a significant drop the irritation imparted.

Uses for DOSS range from dewatering and de-dusting aid in mineral processing to emulsion polymerization. Other applications include, mild shampoos and bath products, textile scouring and finishing, and carpet shampoos. DOSS has also been used as a dispersant for oil spills.

JDOSS 70Doss-70% / Denatured EthanolClear LiquidExcellent wetting and penetration aid. Very good surface tension reducer. Product has shown to provid excellent absorbancy in paper and board applications. Economical alternative to the aerosol ot.
JDOSS 75Doss-75% / Denatured EthanolClear LiquidHigher solids verson of jdoss 70. Economical alternative to the aerosol ot-75
JDOSS 70 PGDoss-70% / Propylene GlycolClear LiquidWetting agent and surface tension reducer.
JDOSS 75 PGDoss-75% / Propylene Glycol Clear LiquidWetting and gloss component for high sheen paint and ink products. Also used as an oil spill dispersant.
JDOSS 70 DGDoss-70% / Diethylene GlycolClear LiquidEfficient wetting agent at low concentrations. Low flash point for textile and ink formualtions.
JDOSS 60 IDoss-60%/Isopropyl AlcoholClear Liquid Excellent wetting and emulsifing aid. Used in paints & coatings, paper, agro and oilfield applications.
JDOSS DLESDisodium Laureth SulfosuccinateLiquidDisodium laureth sulfosuccinate derived from fatty alcohol, for use in healthcare, personal care, and cosmetic industries. It is a mild cleansing surfactant with good foaming/lathering properties. 
JDOSS DLSDisodium Lauryl SulfosuccinatePasteDisodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate is a vegetable-derived sulfosuccinate, made without ethoxylates for use in healthcare, personal care, and cosmetic industries. It can be utilized in many formulated products that do not allow for solvent presence.
JDOSS DDSDisodium PEG-12 Dimethicone SulfosuccinateLiquidDisodium PEG-12 Dimethicone Sulfosuccinate is an extra-mild surfactant derived from a water-soluble silicone polymer. It is an excellent foam stabilizer and surface tension reducer and is used where irritation mitigation is key.
JDOSS DHSDiethylhexyl Sodium SulfosuccinateLiquidDiethyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate is a highly effective anionic wetting agent, penetrating agent, and surface tension reducer. It has numerous clearances for use in indirect food applications.

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