Electrostatically Treated & Ionically Stable

Suspended Silica Solution

JLK is proud to offer a line of colloidal silica to its North American customers.
Our customized manufacturing process produces a controlled particle size distribution which is difficult to find in the market.
Our most popular grades are listed below, however we regularly partner with our customers to match their specific requirement. Please contact us for more details.

Product% SiO2Mean Particle Size (nm)pH (typical)Surface Area (m2/gm)Target Density (g/cc)ApplicationsFunctions
8 SM8%5106001.05Beverage Clarification, Concrete & Mortar, Protective Coating, Water TreatmentDensifier for cement/concrete
8 SMX6%3.5108571.04Beverage Clarification, Non-stick Coating, Protective Coating, Water Treatment, Pulp & Paper, AdhesivesRetention aid for fines in paper
1515%710.54291.11CosmeticsAdhesion and binding, Increased surface friction
15 SM15%510.56001.1Beverage Clarification, Water Treatment, Pulp & PaperFlocculant aid for wastewater filtration, Retention aid for fines in paper
20 SM18%7104291.14Beverage Clarification, Water Treatment, Concrete & MortarDensifier for cement/concrete
3030%1210.22501.19Catalyst, Concrete & Mortar, Decorative Coating, Insulation Coating, Investment Casting, Paper, Inkjet, & Photo, Pigment, Refractory Materials, Textiles & Fabrics, Pulp & PaperBinder for investment casting, Anti-soilant in textiles, Anti-block in films
30 SM30%7104291.2Batteries, Catalyst, Concrete & Mortar, Decorative Coating, Investment Casting, Leather, Paper, Inkjet, & Photo, Refractory Materials, Pulp & PaperScratch resistance for surface applications and coatings, Paper fines retention, Cement densification, Anionic coagulant
401240%12102501.28Adhesives, Catalyst, Concrete & Mortar, Investment Casting, Non-stick Coating, Protective Coating, Refractory Materials, Wood CoatingBinder for ceramic fiber shapes, Rigidizing agent for refractory and ceramic mats, Attrition resistance in catalysts
401540%15102001.28Catalyst, Concrete & Mortar, Investment Casting, Refractory MaterialsAttrition resistance in catalysts, Binder for ceramic fiber shapes, Rigidizing agent for refractory and ceramic mats
5050%2091501.38Adhesives, Concrete & Mortar, Investment Casting, Polishing, Pigment, Plastic, Refractory Materials, Textiles & Fabrics, Pulp & PaperRigidizing agent for refractory and ceramic materials, Anti-slip properties for paper, Density gradient for most applications
HT50%509.5601.38Cleaning Products, Concrete & Mortar, Leather, Paper, Inkjet, & Photo, Pigment, Plastic, Polishing, Electronics, Pulp & PaperPolishing agent for electronics and cleaning agents, Strength enhancing when used in plastics, mortar, concrete

A custom formulated “W” (winterized) version of all colloidal silica products listed above. This proprietary blend depresses the freeze point but will not prevent freezing or instability due to extremely low temperatures. Winterized products should still be protected from freezing as a precaution.