Foam Suppression, Mitigation & Destruction

Foam Control Agents

Foam control agents are used in three main applications:

Silicone Antifoams

We offer food-grade, tech-grade and agricultural antifoams in water-based, non-aqueous and specialty forms with a variety of viscosities from ready to use to super-concentrated.

Water-based antifoam emulsions

Product title and informationFood-gradeTech-gradeAgricultural
5% silicone emulsionT-5A T-5DT2112
10% silicone emulsionT-10A AE-10-TGAE-10-AG
20% silicone emulsionT-20A
30% silicone emulsionT-30K
Silicone & Non-Silicone BlendT-278T-290DX

Non-aqueous silicone antifoam compounds

Food-gradeTech-gradeSpecialty silicone antifoams

Non-Silicone Antifoams

There are a variety of products in this category that typically incorporate surfactants to boost efficacy and dispersibility within foaming water. They may take the form of water-based, surfactant-based, oil-based, polymers, or esters.


Mineral oil products
Vegetable oil products
T-4031T-400TO 580
Mineral oil with silica
Mineral oil with wax
Mineral oil with surfactants

Powdered Defoamers

Powdered silicone antifoam compounds are used in an array of industries. They are valued for their fast, effective, lasting defoaming power and stability in small concentrations.

Suggested Food Grade Defoamers by Application

Product TypeFoaming ProblemPoint of UseRecommended Product(s)
Alcoholic MixersFoam at filling/bottling stationT2112
BeerFoams during bottlingT10A, T20A
BeerFoams during wort boilWort KettleT100, T20A
BeerFoams during fermentationFermentation VatsT20A, T100, T402
Beer, UnfilteredFoams during fermentation/KrausenBlow-Off BucketT100, T20A
Liquors/CordialsFoams during bottlingT10A, T20A
WineFoams during fermentation, bottle filling.Fermentation, Bottle FillingT30A, T10A
Bottle WashingNozzles, BottlesT30A, T100, TSF350
Carbonated Soft Drinks/SyrupsFoams during bottle; foams when carbonated water and air are introduced to the syrup.T10A, T20A
Coffee Drinks/SyrupsFoams during bottling; foams in microwave.T10A, T20A
Coffee FlavoringFoams during filling.T10A, T20A
Coffee Grinding, DehydratingWashing DehydratorsT10A, TSF350
Condensed, Evaporated MilkSpray Dryers, EvaporatorsT10A, T30A
Flavored Waters (Mystic/Sparkling)Flavors cause foam. Bottling process also foamsT10A
Fruit DrinksMixing concentrate with water causes foam; foams during mixing prior to bottling; jet sprayers cause foam in tank; foams during bottling; foams at filter sites.Bottle Filling, BlendingT10A, T20A
Ice/Freezer PopsFoams during filling plastic tubes due to flavorings.T10A, T20A
Iced TeaFoams when water is added to concentrate powder.T10A, T2112
Malt ProcessingFoams during germination or during syruping process.Germination, SyrupingT20A, T10A
SelterFoams during bottling process.T10A
Soda Water ProductionFoams during carbonationCarbonationTSF350
TeaFoams during brewing or dehydration.Brew Vessels, DehydratorsT20A, TSF350
Various types of dry & powdered drink nixesFoams when reconstituting powder with liquidsT2112, T100K
Vegetable JuiceFoams during mixingT10A, T20A
BatterAntifoam is added to batter mix to prevent foaming during deep fryingT100K, T2112
Breading or CoatingsFoams when eggs whites are mixed with water.T10A, T20A
Breading or CoatingsFoams when coating food products with egg whites.T100K, T10A
Cured MeatsBrine Solution foams during injections into meat.T10A, T20A
Fish, ShrimpFoams as brine is sprayed or circulated over seafood.T10A, T30A, T400
Packaged Meat Products (beef, ham, sausages, chicken, etc.)Brine bath foams where meats are washed; brine chiller foams where brine is sprayed onto meat to chill it.T10A, T20A
Pickle ProcessingFoams due to proteins.T10A, T4062
Cheese DipFoams when adding dry milk & water.T10A, T20A
Cheese SaucesFoams during processing/cooking.T20A, T2112
Cottage CheeseFoams in filtration system.Cottage Cheese BaseT20A, T10A, T2112
Starter CultureFoams during recirculation.T20A, TSF 350
Starter CultureFoams at separator.T100K
WheyFoams during mixing and processing due to proteins being agitated.T10A, T4062, T2112
Mixing VatT30A, T10A
Liquid Vegetable OilFoams during deep frying due to starches/proteins from food.TSF 350
Solid Vegetable OilFoams during deep frying due to starch & proteins & water content.T100K, TSF 350
Soy Bean OilFoams when boiled.TSF 350
Recon MilkPowdered milk slated for cheese foams when reconstituted.T10A, T4062
Raw MilkRaw milk slated for cheese foams when pumping to silos.Into Tank WagonT4062
Coffee CreamerFoams during processing.T10A
Cream SoupsFoams during vacuum chilling.T10A, T20A
Dry Protein Drink MixFoams when mixed with liquid.T2112
Ice Cream or Heavy CreamFoams after adding flavor to agitated system; foams when brine flows over the closed container in the chilling process.T10A, T20A
Liquid Protein Drink MixFoams during bottling or mixing.T10A
PuddingFoams during vaccum chilling.T10A, T20A
Yogurt ProductsCultures foam in mixing process; foams during filling.T20A, T4062
Dry Dressing BlendsFoams when reconstituted.T10A, T2112
Salad DressingsFoams when mixing & during bottling.T10A, T20A, T4062
Egg Breaking OperationT10A, T400
Egg WashingFoams in wash tanks due to broken egg proteins.T10A, T20A, T2112
Egg Washing Detergent ConcentrateFoams during washing process. Add A/F directly to concentrate.T100K, T2112
BacterialFoam caused by aeration during fermentation or during protein extraction.T10A, T20A, T100K
EnzymesFiltering, ProductT20A, T100K
EthanolRecovery Streams, Washing SolutionsT20A, T100K, T402
MolassesFoams during processing due to tempsT10A, T20A
SauerkrautRecovery Streams, Washing SolutionsT20A, T100K
Soy SauceRecovery Streams, Washing SolutionsT20A, T100K
Ultrafiltration SystemsClogged filters.T4062, T2112
VinegarRecovery Streams, Washing SolutionsT20A, T100K
YeastFoams due to reaction of yeastRecovery Streams, Washing SolutionsT10A, T278K, T280K
Flavor DistillationDistillation ColumnsT10A, T402, T20A
Various Flavors, Spices, SeasoningsFoams during bottling/packaging, blending, washing.Application DependentT10A, T20A
ApplesFoams during field spray application, antioxidant drench, wax application.Application DependentT20A, T10A
Potato Process (chips, fries, etc.)Wash tanks and slicers foam due to potato starch.T10A, T227K, T402
Potato Processing (chips, fries, etc.)Foams during deep frying due to starch & proteins.TSF 350, T100K
Sugar BeetsJuice ProcessingT10A, TSF 350
Washing of Raw Fruits & VegetablesFoams during washing due to sugars & starches; foams during water recycling.T10A, T20A
Pressure CookingFoams when pressure is released following pressure cooking.In Cooking VesselT4062
Edible Oil ProductionOil Extraction, Frying OilT100K, TSF 350
Gelatin Gummy candies, decorating Jell, gelatin baseFoams when reconstituting & during blending due to proteins.T10A, T20A
Jams & JelliesFoams during cooking; air entrapment in final product.T10A, T20A
Pie FillingsFoams during mixing & cooking.T10A, T20A
BrothFoams during processing/mixing & injection into meat.T10A, T20A
Meat MarinadeFoams during processing/mixing & injection into meatT2112
Meat/Poultry RenderingFoams during cooking down fatsT100, T30A, TSF 350
Turkey BastingFoam caused by emulsifier used to keep butter dispersed in water.T100K
Foams during cooking.T20A, T10A
Gravy (Powdered)Foams during cooking/microwaving.T2112
Spaghetti SauceFoams during cooking.T10A, T20A, T2112
Worcestershire SauceFoams during bottling.T10A, T20A
Seafood bath/processingFoams in brine solution or water bath due to proteins from seafood.T10A, T30A, T400, T2112
Meat Broth (Chicken & Beef)Foams during cooking due to proteinsT10A, T20A, T2112
Dry Soy ProteinsFoams when mixed with liquid.T100K, T2112
Soy Bean SauceFoams during cooking due to gums.T2112
Soy Bean TofuFoams during mixing & cooking due to proteins, especially when boiling the soy slurry. Also foams during soy bean grinding.T10A, T20A
Soy Marinade ProductFoams in mixing vat; during cooking; during bottling.T10A, T20A
CandiesFoams during cooking; foams when boiling water from sugar solutions.T10A, T20A
Ice Cream ToppingsFoams during the mixing process.T10A, T20A
Pancake & Maple Sugar SyrupsFoams during cooking or syrup evaporation.T100K, TSF 350
Sugar IcingFoams during mixing & packaging; foams during cooking; recycled icing traps air leaving bubbles and voids on cookies.T10A, T20A, T100K

Products are packaged in 55 gallon drums (net wt. 450 lbs) and 5 gallon HPDE pails (net wt. 40 lbs). Larger and smaller packaging sizes are available via special request.